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Cкриптовый язык программирования общего назначения
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Cвободная система управления базами данных (СУБД)
jQuery [8]
Библиотека JavaScript, фокусирующаяся на взаимодействии JavaScript и HTML
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Cредство описания, оформления внешнего вида веб-страниц
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Прототипно-ориентированный скриптовый язык программирования
Веб-дизайн [2]
Проектирование пользовательских веб-интерфейсов для сайтов или веб-приложений
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Регулярные выражения
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Продвижение и раскрутка сайтов. Заработок в сети.
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Программистам под ОС MS Windows
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Игровой движок HGE (Haaf's Game Engine)
Игровой дизайн [8]
Психология дизайна игр
Разработка игр [2]
Общие моменты, относящиеся к геймдеву
wxWidgets [2]
Библиотека инструментов для разработки кроссплатформенных приложений
PureBasic [10]
Кроссплатформенный компилятор и IDE для быстрой разработки
VST [6]
Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology (VST)
iOS [1]
Mобильная операционная система, разрабатываемая и выпускаемая американской компанией Apple
Пиксельная графика [9]
Pixel art и все, что с ним связано
libGDX [2]
Кроссплатформенный открытый движок на Java, позволяющий создавать 2D и 3D игры под различные платформы, среди которых: Android, HTML5, Windows, Linux, iOS.
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Schell J. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses

Morgan Kaufmann, 2008. - 512 pages.

Anyone can master the fundamentals of game design no technological expertise is necessary. The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses shows that the same basic principles of psychology that work for board games, card games and athletic games also are the keys to making top-quality videogames. Good game design happens when you view your game from many different perspectives, or lenses. While touring through the unusual territory that is game design, this book gives the reader one hundred of these lenses one hundred sets of insightful questions to ask yourself that will help make your game better. These lenses are gathered from fields as diverse as psychology, architecture, music, visual design, film, software engineering, theme park design, mathematics, writing, puzzle design, and anthropology. Anyone who reads this book will be inspired to become a better game designer and will understand how to do it.

* Jesse Schell is a highly recognizable name within the game industry - he is the former chair of the International Game Developer's Association, and has designed many successful games, including Disney's award-winning Toontown Online.
* The book's design methodology was developed at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, co-founded by Dr. Randy Pausch, of "Last Lecture" fame.
* 100 'lenses' are scattered throughout the book. These are boxed sets of questions, each a different way of seeing a game that will inspire the creative process.
* 600 pages of detailed, practical instruction on creating world-class games that will be played again and again.

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Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals is a book on game design by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, published by MIT Press.

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Postmortems from Game Developer
Insights from the Developers of Unreal Tournament, Black & White, Age of Empire, and Other Top-Selling Games
By Austin Grossman

The popular Postmortem column in Game Developer magazine features firsthand accounts of how some of the most important and successful games of recent years have been made. This book offers the opportunity to harvest this expertise with one volume. The editor has organized the articles by theme and added previously unpublished analysis to reveal successful management techniques. Readers learn how superstars of the game industry like Peter Molyneux and Warren Spector have dealt with the development challenges such as managing complexity, software and game design issues, schedule challenges, and changing staff needs.

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Pervasive Games: Theory and Design

This book is the definitive guide to the past, present, and future of stories and games that jump out of their cages and into your real life. Whether it's characters that call you on the phone or game play that happens on the bus on your way to work, this kind of immersive entertainment will define the culture of the next century as surely as the movies dominated the last one.

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Game Feel: A Game Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation

"Game Feel" exposes "feel" as a hidden language in game design that no one has fully articulated yet. The language could be compared to the building blocks of music (time signatures, chord progressions, verse) - no matter the instruments, style or time period - these building blocks come into play. Feel and sensation are similar building blocks where game design is concerned. They create the meta-sensation of involvement with a game. The understanding of how game designers create feel, and affect feel are only partially understood by most in the field and tends to be overlooked as a method or course of study, yet a game's feel is central to a game's success. This book brings the subject of feel to light by consolidating existing theories into a cohesive book. The book covers topics like the role of sound, ancillary indicators, the importance of metaphor, how people perceive things, and a brief history of feel in games.The associated web site contains a playset with ready-made tools to design feel in games, six key components to creating virtual sensation. There's a play palette too, so the desiger can first experience the importance of that component by altering variables and feeling the results. The playset allows the reader to experience each of the sensations described in the book, and then allows them to apply them to their own projects. Creating game feel without having to program, essentially. The final version of the playset will have enough flexibility that the reader will be able to use it as a companion to the exercises in the book, working through each one to create the feel described. *Demystifies this crucial, fundamental, and unexplored aspect of game design with case studies and fully interactive examples*Interviews with industry luminaries and in-depth examination of many classic games from a fresh angle*Website includes a fully playable interactive playset with ready-made tools for game designers

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David Perry on Game Design: A Brainstorming ToolBox

Are you looking for practical, ready-to-use ideas to help you design more innovative and unique video games? "David Perry on Game Design: A Brainstorming Toolbox" is a brainstorming and strategy guide for game designers, filled with inspiration-generating tips that challenge you to create better games. Using their years of industry experience, David Perry and Rusel DeMaria provide a wealth of ideas and possibilities to help you improve the entertainment value, quality, and success of your games. Designed to be used as a reference guide and brainstorming tool, the book is not software or technology specific, and it covers every aspect of video game design, including game types, storyline creation, character development, weapons and armor, game worlds, goals and rewards, obstacles, and more. You can work your way through the book from the beginning or focus on the topics that interest you. Filled with checklists and step-by-step brainstorming tools to help you flesh out your ideas, "David Perry on Game Design" will inspire and challenge you to find inventive solutions and improve the entertainment value of your games, making them fresh, innovative, and fun to play.

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A Theory of Fun for Game Design is a book written and illustrated by Raph Koster. It is based upon a presentation Koster gave at the Austin Game Conference in 2003, and the book reflects its origins by displaying text on one page and a cartoon/graphic from the talk on the other page.

Raph Koster's thesis is that games are all essentially "edutainment", teaching us the skills we might need in real life in a safe, low-stakes environment. A good game, according to him, is "one that teaches everything it has to offer before the player stops playing."(p. 46)

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Gamification by Design
Implementing Game Mechanics in Web and Mobile Apps
By Gabe Zichermann, Christopher Cunningham

Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Released: July 2011
Pages: 208

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